Top five brand marketing trends for 2014

ImageThis year is flying past, Christmas is just around the corner and now our attention is shifting to the new year. But what will be hot when it comes to brand marketing in 2014? Here are some pointers that I think you should keep in mind:

  1. Get mobile – Mobile is now mainstream and any brands that want to be taken seriously need to look hard at their online presence to make sure it’s mobile optimised. In 2014, more than ever, consumers will be browsing the internet and making purchases on their mobile devices so it’s up to brands to make this as easy for them as possible.
  2. Get emotional – Customers are making emotional decisions to connect with one brand rather than another and brands from John Lewis to Google are playing to this in their marketing. Successful brands should bear this in mind to differentiate themselves from their competition.
  3. Get engagement – It might sound obvious but if customers don’t engage with your brand, it will fall by the wayside. We are all constantly bombarded with information – on our phones, through our TVs, on our journeys to work. Reach out to your target market and invite them in, then, if they choose to engage with you, keep them interested!
  4. Get personal – Consumers are starting to not only expect advertising that has been selected for them because it is relevant to their interests and lifestyle but also services and experiences that are targeted to their needs.
  5. Get visual – With so much for us all to take in these days, a brand’s use of imagery has never been so important. The blog posts that most people choose to share are the ones with well-placed imagery and infographics – they go viral on social media because they allow information to be digested quickly and easily. The popularity of social sites such as Instagram and Pinterest are testament to this.

So here’s to a creative and successful new year for all of us – please do get in touch for a chat if we can help your brand achieve its potential in 2014.

Samuel Burgess, Managing Director

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European Petrochemical company BP Acetyls Europe becomes Morgan Agency’s 200th client

We’re proud to celebrate our ninth birthday by winning our 200th client and fuelling our celebrations with a contract win with BP Acetyls Europe based at Saltend in Hull.

We will be working on various marketing projects with the multinational. The Saltend site manufactures acetic acid and acetic anhydride, key raw materials in washing powder bleaches and pharmaceuticals, as well as in purified terephthalic acid (PTA) for textiles, bottles, packaging and film products.

Our Managing Director Samuel Burgess said: “It’s wonderful to achieve this double milestone with such a prestigious client. We’re really excited about developing chemistry in our relationship with BP and seeing some great results.

“We’ve been lucky enough to work with some fantastic clients over the last decade and we just want to say a big thank you to them all.”

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Meet the Clients – Sportcal

This month Sarah Smith, general manager at Sportcal, is under the spotlight as she talks about how Morgan Agency helped them rebrand.

How long have you worked with Morgan Agency?

Since early April 2013, so four months now.

Why did you choose to work with Morgan Agency?

They were an introduction and Web Homepage VisualSBpitched alongside a few other agencies. They had the best understanding for what we were looking for and because the people you work with are so important, Morgan Agency seemed a good fit.

What projects have you worked on with Morgan Agency?

They did our rebrand which included evolving our brand identity and creating a new brand style and brand guidelines – the most critical deliverable for the new brand is our website – they designed it and we built it in-house. They’ve helped us with subscription packs, media packs, flyers, adverts and recently rebranded our magazine which they are now producing for us quarterly.

How do you find working with Morgan Agency?

Great, they get a really clear understanding and feel of the business which helps with a quick turnaround. You learn how to work together with a new supplier through communication. It could have been more stressful but they were always on hand to help and that made the whole process much easier to manage.

Has the distance been a problem?

Not at all. They are always willing to come here and once the concepts are signed off it’s fine to chat on the phone and e-mail.

What impact has Morgan Agency’s work had?

The feedback has been great. People have said it looks cleaner and more professional which goes hand in hand with what marketing directors wanted. Morgan Agency’s creative interpretation and execution has been perfect and their infographics have made things much easier to understand.

How do you feel about your new brand?

Very happy with it. It’s freshened us up without entirely altering the original concept. It’s all good.

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Meet the Clients – Simply Better

After a recent rebrand, this month it’s time to meet Rob Woodhead from Simply Better and find out about their experiences of working with Morgan Agency…

How long have you worked with Morgan Agency?

We appointed Morgan Agency to complete our company rebrand in August 2012 after I met Sam on the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses Programme where we were both participants.

Why did you choose to work with Morgan Agency?

We asked a number of agencies to pitch for the work, and all approached the project quite differently. We marked each proposal and company on a variety of factors. What swung it in Morgan Agency’s favour was the professionalism of their proposal, looking beyond the project at opportunities for collaborative working, value for money, and that we felt they wouldn’t just be “yes” men – we had a good idea of what we were after but we also wanted challenging!

What projects have you worked on with Morgan Agency?

Our company rebrand to date, but hopefully there are some more joint ventures in the pipeline…

How do you find working with Morgan Agency?

The people at Morgan Agency are friendly, flexible and extremely responsive. They are personable yet professional, a great bunch to get along with.

What does Morgan Agency bring to a project that other agencies you’ve worked with don’t?

It was more what they DIDN’T bring – there were no attitudes for starters which we’ve found can sometimes be a danger with other agencies!

What impact has Morgan Agency’s work had?

Our rebrand has allowed us to reposition ourselves in the events market. This means we can rival our larger competitors with a broader service offering and the re-brand now reflects the results we deliver and the way we approach our projects.

simpleHow do you feel about your new brand?

Love it! We feel it has really given us clarity. We wanted something that encapsulates the personality of the business – a strong brand with a strong message. . The initial feedback from clients and prospects has been extremely positive and we’ve been able to build on it by developing a 4-letter acronym which encapsulates the full-circle approach we take towards a project: EASE (which stands for Engage, Advise, Solve and Evaluate).

How did you find the process of being rebranded?

Eased by having skilled and pro-active people surrounding me in the process, both internally and externally. Still bloody tiring though!

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Meet the Clients – Dearne Valley College

Morgan Copy Jan 2013 47583 Lo ResThis month, it’s the turn of Laura Stead, Marketing Manager at Rotherham-based Dearne Valley College, to step into the spotlight.

How long have you worked with Morgan Agency?

We have worked with them since January 2012.

Why did you choose to work with Morgan Agency?

We went through a tender process for our Full Time Prospectus and shortlisted six companies. We felt that Morgan Agency was the only agency that had done research into our target market – 15 to 17 year olds. They had put together a presentation which included what not to do and which brands our target market are exposed to. It was a real eye opener for us – what we thought we wanted to do was on Morgan Agency’s list of what not to do.

What projects have you worked on with Morgan Agency?

As well as the Full Time Prospectus, we have just done our first ever television advert and we’re currently working on a mini prospectus which will be door-dropped to around 18,000 homes in the region. It’s a mini-newspaper concept which replaces boring letters and flyers which we have sent out before.

How do you find working with Morgan Agency?

They are very easy to work with. I think they are very forward thinking and innovative. They look at what we’re trying to achieve and what our competitors are doing and put a quirky slant on what we produce.

How have you found the television advert campaign?

It has been exciting and nerve-wracking. It’s the first advert either I or the college has ever done and it’s unusual for a college to do an advert. We’ve worked very closely with Morgan Agency from initial ideas to the script to the final execution and they were able to put us in touch with a media buying company. They’ve been invaluable to the process.

What impact has the advert had?

DVC TV Advert Comp on TVThe advert is absolutely brilliant – we are so proud of it and planning to use it all over the place. It’s been a really good experience for us although I felt sick with nerves the first time I saw it on TV! The advert led to an 11% increase of page views on the website, a rise in the number of followers on Twitter and more people looking at the Career Coach (which Morgan Agency branded) on our website. We had an increase in online applications and applications for part time courses and the advert reached 44% of adults in the Emley Moor Mast broadcast region.

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Meet the clients – BT Engage IT

internalcomms magazine staff newsletter

BT Engage IT’s internal news magazine, Engaged

This month we are pleased to introduce another of our clients: Linsay Baverstock, Communications and People Experience Manager at BT Engage IT.

How long have you worked with Morgan Agency?

Personally, I have worked with Morgan Agency for four years. As a business, BT Engage IT has worked with them for longer.

Why did you choose to work with Morgan Agency?

Our marketing team had worked with them for some time and recommended them to me for our Internal Communications. They told me that they found Morgan Agency very professional, creative and always able to think of a fresh idea that you haven’t thought of.

What projects have you worked on with Morgan Agency?

The main thing has been Engaged, our internal news magazine, but I always put any design work the way of Morgan Agency. They have also helped with our induction and onboarding materials including a welcome pack, for example.

Is the physical distance between your offices a problem?

It’s never been an issue. Sam and the team come to see us and I always know they are available by phone and email. It’s how businesses expect to work these days.

internal comms, marketing collateral, onboarding

Induction collateral produced for BT Engage IT by Morgan Agency

What are Morgan Agency’s main strengths?

Their experience, professionalism, innovation and dedication.

What are they like to work with?

I find them fresh, warm and welcoming. They are always very easy to deal with and come up with exciting ideas.

What does Morgan Agency bring to a project that other agencies might not?

They bring innovative ideas, the ability to think outside the box and always give me ideas that I’ve never even considered while understanding what we need them to deliver.

What impact has the work you’ve done with Morgan Agency had?

When we started producing the magazine, which is delivered to employees at their homes, we got feedback that readers found it refreshing and that it was different to have something on their doorstep. We carry out a quarterly care survey and got positive feedback for our internal communications when the magazine came out so we feel our employees engaged with it. The magazine is something different that they like and enjoy reading.

Intenrnal comms editor BT

Linsay Baverstock

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Meet the clients – Manheim

Marketing Manager for brochure design and film project

Andy Cullwick, Head of Marketing at Manheim

Manheim is an international business which provides services to the motor industry ranging from auctions to assistance with defleet management to supporting dealerships. In our latest blog, Manheim’s Head of Marketing Andy Cullwick shares his experiences of working with Morgan Agency and the benefits it has brought him.

What projects have you worked on with Morgan Agency?

So far we have worked with Morgan Agency on a brand identity to simplify our offering, some brochures and a couple of films.

What difference has it made to you and your business?

Working with Morgan Agency helps me get on with my day job. They bring an extra pair of eyes and fresh creative brains to the process.

What is Morgan Agency like to work with?

They’re very good and easy to work with. They’re very open to ideas and always have plenty of suggestions.

What do you think are Morgan Agency’s main strengths?

The balance of creativity and the ability to understand complex challenges. They really understood Manheim as a business and what we’re trying to do. They’re a pleasure to work with and I’m looking forward to the next project with them.

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