Meet the clients: Ghostbikes

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Ghostbikes is one of the UK’s largest retailers of motocross and motorcycle clothing and accessories. Adam Patel, Managing Director, discusses the experience of working with Morgan Agency to create a new brand for part of the business.

What projects have you worked on with Morgan Agency?

Morgan Agency ran us a workshop to look at our portfolio of brands, they created a strategy to work out how to optimise the portfolio and identified gaps and overlaps within it. This led to the creation of a new brand for motorbike accessories.

Why did you choose to work with Morgan Agency?

I met Sam, the MD, on the Goldman Sachs Business Growth programme in 2011 and I knew he was someone I would like to work with.

What did you think of the Brand Insight and Expression approach?

We found it a simple, straightforward and useful approach to looking at our different brands.

How did you find working with Morgan Agency?

It was great to bring in some professionals who can do something we just can’t in house. Sometimes they reaffirmed what we were already thinking which gives you reassurance that you’re going in the right direction and moving towards a clear objective.

Would you recommend working with Morgan Agency?

We would definitely recommend Morgan Agency and plan to work with them again.

About Morgan Agency

Morgan Agency is a design consultancy based in Leeds, we work across a variety of disciplines to provide branding, print and web based solutions.
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