Meet the clients: Igniyte

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Igniyte provides reputation management services for clients, companies and brands, helping them to build a strong, positive online presence. Having changed their business model, they needed to update their brand identity – director Caroline Skipsey tells how she found the process of working with Morgan Agency to develop a fresh new look.

Why did you choose to work with Morgan Agency?

We spoke to a few potential agencies but we chose Morgan Agency because we felt that branding was their niche, it’s at the heart of their business. We really liked the portfolio of previous work they have done with other clients.

What project have you worked on together?

The rebranding of our existing Igniyte brand. We were established in 2009 but we were a very different company offering different services. Since then we have completely changed the business model and all our old branding just doesn’t reflect the company we are today.

How did you find working with Morgan Agency?

It was great – they helped us to collate what we already knew but we found we were too close to the company to see the way forward. There are two directors here with different views so it was very helpful to have external people come in and draw everything together.

What did you think of the Brand Insight and Expression approach?

We thoroughly enjoyed the branding workshop. It was so important to go back to basics and look at who we are and what we offer. It gave us the opportunity to collect our thoughts and evaluate what’s important to us. The design stage was trickier but we’re really pleased with the outcome – we were looking for something clean and corporate with no gimmicks and that’s exactly what we’ve got.

What’s next for the new branding?

The branding is now being taken forward into our new website. This process is proving to be very straightforward because we have done all the hard work and created a strong brand which has laid the foundations for everything that comes next.

What has feedback been like to the new materials?

We’re so pleased with the new brand – it’s a million times better than what we had before. We work with clients from very different industries so it was important to have something that would appeal to all of them.

About Morgan Agency

Morgan Agency is a design consultancy based in Leeds, we work across a variety of disciplines to provide branding, print and web based solutions.
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