Meet the clients – International Procurement & Logistics Limited (IPL)

IPL MontageIPL, whose head office is based in Normanton West Yorkshire, is the biggest single importer of produce in the UK. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Asda, they source all produce for the retail giant as well as supplying a large range of other products from wine and cheese to nuts and dried fruit, house plants and flowers. The organisation has a bold new brand style created by Morgan Agency.

We meet communications and events manager for IPL, Lucy Armitage, and hear about her experience of our Brand Insight and Expression approach.

How did you find working with Morgan Agency?

I found them to be a really professional organisation who always got back to us in a timely fashion. They helped us to stick to the process, kept us informed at every stage and were always full of ideas.

What projects have you worked on together?

Morgan Agency started off by creating an employer brand for us to use to communicate to employees, stakeholders and suppliers. This brand style has been applied to brand guidelines, a new corporate website, recruitment website, posters, a brochure and two films – a corporate overview film and an animated recruitment film.

What did you think of the Brand Insight and Expression approach?

We weren’t too sure at first, we couldn’t see how it was going to pan out but we were really impressed by how it brought so many elements together and how thorough it was. We really enjoyed the workshop that Morgan Agency ran at Cambridge University. It felt like we were on a journey together throughout the process.

What were Morgan Agency’s strengths?

Their professionalism – it really felt like we were looked after. We’re all very busy in our day jobs – the branding exercise was not our only focus – but Morgan Agency kept prompting us to keep us on schedule.

What did Morgan Agency bring to the project?

As a company, we had a number of discussions about how to project ourselves to the outside world. We knew what we wanted to promote but not what that looked like. Morgan Agency created this strong, iconic imagery which we feel brings all parts of our organisation together while keeping it simple.

What has feedback been like to the new materials?

The feedback has been that the new brand looks so strong. It doesn’t need any text with it, it is instantly recognisable and we have been able to roll it out across so many different elements. We didn’t have anything in place before and now we are using it on absolutely everything.

What’s next for the new branding?

Now we’ve finished the corporate website and intro video, we’re looking to introduce the brand across even more elements including into our internal office spaces.

Would you recommend Morgan Agency?

Definitely – we worked well together. It was a lot of hard work but we’re really pleased with the end result.

About Morgan Agency

Morgan Agency is a design consultancy based in Leeds, we work across a variety of disciplines to provide branding, print and web based solutions.
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